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Origins of Life HeroX Hack-a-thon Paper by Steve Favis

DNA is NOT SOURCE Code, it is the Binary Equivalent of Machine Language, likely Base4. I called my paper BaseX as the biological machine code is likely in the base4 numerical system. It is likely encrypted mechanically before or after the strands intertwine during inception of biological life. i.e. 23 + 23 Chromosomes in humans when DNA combines. The reason for encryption is because DNA is a technology, it is not an accident.

Assumptions: DNA is functional Data. More DNA length is more data.

Results if the above assumption is true: The longer the DNA the older the organism's genetic life has been. The origins of species cosmologically are not Darwin mutations from single celled to humans etc. The origins of species and species ages are based upon the number of base pairs. Corn and Rice have more DNA complexity/data than humans and are likely older. You can deduce where corn, rice and other larger base pair strands came from cosmologically in the Universe if the universe is in fact expanding.

The Attached paper gives rise to the new data that Darwin didn't have access too such as Goldilocks Planets and DNA information. Darwin's theory fails at the fact that it doesn't explain why rice has more DNA than humans and he didn't know anything about computational sciences.

Paper is a quick read and may be hard to understand for non computer programmers.

HeroX-Origins of Life-Steve
Download PDF • 156KB

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