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I think I responded to everyone …

I will try my best to get back to everyone. I'm getting a lot of inquires.

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Historical Satellite Data

Ok, I gues NORAD does provide historical satellite telemetry data and I'll look into paradise fire first, then I'll move on to Canada and then Greece. Y'all are persistent and now I'm working on it...

Old fires

I keep getting requests to analyze old fire data from paradise, Canada and more. I'm going to try to contact NORAD...maybe I can get the old telemetry data and check for satellites above at the time o

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Sep 23, 2023

Steve, I left a message in your chat section. There has been a 9 minute post the past few days with information claiming that you have studied the Lahaina fire, and have been able to calculate precisely the satellite positions of Aug. 7/8. Except, there was no mention of the second Lahaina fire that happened close to 2:50 pm, and that was the one that incinerated Lahaina. So I got to wondering if you did actually study the Lahaina Fire and did in fact release very pertinent information on a 9 minute video. (That was not narrated by you, and have no idea who published this on youtube.) I do NOT want to spread misinformation and add to the confusio…

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