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  • Steve Favis

Historical Satellite Data

Ok, I gues NORAD does provide historical satellite telemetry data and I'll look into paradise fire first, then I'll move on to Canada and then Greece. Y'all are persistent and now I'm working on it...I just need time!

Thanks for your support!


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Connie Sponheim
Connie Sponheim
Sep 26, 2023

Wow .. I stumbled upon you from a video on Rumble "W4TNews".. and not shocked to learn of Norad CCP criminal destruction of indigenous people and their lovely town on Maui. All other anomaly fires going back to Paradise will likely show similar..

I want these satellites liquidated ASAP ... Question: Where are the so called White Hats, Trump, The warriors of America, the benevolent military in all this horrific destruction of Life, property, and well-being?????


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