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Cancer Diagnosis Pleomorphic Adenoma or Warthis Tumor

I have been tentaively diagnosed with either Pleomorphic Adenoma or Warthis tumor in my parotid gland, Oncology will verify it this week.

I am posting this blog to make sure everyone that cares about me gets the right information.

I went to Houston several weeks ago as I already knew it was cancer. There are only a few things that can go wrong with a parotid gland and thats an infection, cyst, stone or cancers. The MRI, CT Scan and Ultrasound and antibiotics eliminated the the chances of the best case scenarios as the stone or cyst/infection could have been easily treated with antibiotics or removal of stone.

The treatment of either of the above cancers is the same. Surgical removal of the parotid gland and the removal of gland will be sent to pathology for further information. Either Chemo or radiation for these types of cancers but not both. The surrounding lymph nodes are swollen so that puts me at stage 3 most likely. Again oncology will verify all this as more data is gathered and revealed.

The risks of surgery are me getting a nerve snipped accidentally by surgeon and facial paralysis on my right the side of face.

I just got this information today, but I knew I was in stage three and it was a cancer when I left to Houston several weeks ago.

Thanks to my cousin who was treated at MD Anderson for her cancer I was able to figure out the health system here in Houston and she gave me a place to stay. Had she not had this place I would have given up.

I haven't seen my Daughter in nearly 6 weeks and I am hoping she can join me for Christmas here as my cousin has invited her. I have so many appointments I can't travel back and forth to California. I do not trust California Kaiser healthcare system as they only almost killed me when I had covid last year.

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