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Directed Energy Weapons Research here

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Steve Favis Resume / CV

Work, Training, Skills & Experience

Hard Charger For Complex Technical Challenges. Rapid Hardware Prototyping, Engineering, Computer Science, Game Development, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Offensive Cyber Security, Information Technology, 3D Digital Art, I have Patent Grants and Patents Pending in advanced humanoid robotics, Autonmous driving & Drones. It has been a learning exerice in cyber forensics to protect cyber attacks on my infrastructure but I have caught an geo located all attacks down to IP address and Country.

CEO, Favis Advanced Robotics Corporation

Developed and Built out Machine Shop for Rapid Prorotyping Parts for the Seraphim Advanced Robotics Platform for which I am the Patent Holder

May 2020-Present

CTO, Taechyon Robotics Corporation

Nov 2017- Jan 2020

My Technology Innovations were so Good, the Chinese Government has spent millions trying to steal them. b08 The Social Robot, Septaer Smart Speaker (Stolen and sold under the name Cleer Mirage Speaker) I was the original Patent Holder For this form factor

CEO, Favis Incorporation

Intellectual Property Holding Firm

April 2005- Present

At Your Home Computers

IT, Help Desk, Mobile Computer Consulting and Repair, Diagnostics, Security and Malware Prevention and mitigation




Full Stack Developer from Hardware to Design.  

Inspirational Team Motivator, Strong Innovator, Talent Scouting, Business Technology Strategy, Technology Intellectual Property Strategy, Patent Scalability and Development, Talent Developer, Robotic Design, Outstanding at Composing Press Releases, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Strategic Planning for Technology, Cyber Security Strategy.  



Tensorflow, Keras.  


UNITY GAME ENGINE: Programming in Javascript, C# for iOS, Android, PC, Web, and Mac Deployments.   

PLATFORM EXPERIENCE: XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, Android, Ouya, iOS, PC, Macintosh.   

MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO: C++, C#, VSTO, excel macro development and automation. Agile development, Scrum.   

AUTODESK 3D STUDIO MAX: Organic and Hard Surface Modeling, UVW Unwrap, Texturing, texture baking, VRAY.   

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Dassault SolidWorks, 3D Printing & Surface modeling, CNC Modeling design. Fusion 360, CAD, CAM & Simulation. Drone, Aircraft and Model Aviation Design.  

ELECTRONICS ENGINEEERING: Rapid Hardware prototyping, Hardware Setup for Manufacturing.


ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Concept painting / Inking, 3d photo-realistic texture generation, Normal Map generation, WACOM tablet painting.   

ADOBE PREMIERE - Capturing, Editing, and compositing video, audio and video synchronization, mixing audio, Transitions, exporting/encoding to flash DVD WEB DEVELOPMENT SKILLS: WordPress plugin monkey.   

IT SKILLS / HELP DESK: Microsoft Office365 admin, Google Workspace admin, gsuite, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX. Custom PC builder, PC Repair & Diagnostics, Network Troubleshooting.



Network Forensics, MITM Detection on all platforms, Man in the Middle Attack Detection, Offensive and Intrusion Detection, RED AND BLUE TEAM. Social Engineering Prevention. Security Policy.


Autodesk Fusion 360 CNC, CAM and Advanced Modeling Manufacturing. Aluminum.

Tool Holder Design for manufacturing, Haas 5 axis UMS 750ss Experience


Satellite Tracking and wargaming -AI based 

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